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Vet Checks

European Select Auction

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All 12 sport horses have done all the necessary tests to acquire the health certificates to travel to the United States of America. 

Furthermore, all 12 sport horses have been thoroughly vetted, with full sets of x‑rays, before leaving for the USA. 

All X‑rays and clinical reports can be downloaded through the links below.

1. Caretoo

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑GaVFbFMGLJ

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑TL0dO1WWrH

2. UCS Casino Royal

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑OIXW31xBOJ

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑BD1oWf4yg0

3. Goldstar LF

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑cQ2LJoJEzr

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑gXgRd2b1qb

4. Baltimoree

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑9HPxRNaKIU

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑7U37bFcvpV

5. Fabio Van’t Hagenhof Z

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑7SpdA4lgFL

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑8SwQ1888ZA

6. Imola du Houssoit

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑nbtqcO0Se9

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑ObCMHzeARw

7. Lavino

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑DUKIjUvDpO

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑iGtuLOTW3U

8. Orvieto di Fer

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑WzXBN9hi76

Clinical report : https://we.tl/t‑dVgYkrav9y

9. Cardinal 23

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑VbhVK3ff99

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑OQxPFuyXA7

10. K2 Django

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑K52kQGFypN

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑2TYGsUJdaE

11. Gaudi

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑bXdb5pfxim

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑0rhAtVd3jF

12. Vecario

X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑ZgUIlogDme

Clinical report: https://we.tl/t‑TUI9jWBYDk

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